Arts Coritani  



East Coast Artists 2010

Saturday, November 13th to Thursday, December 23rd.


Artworks can be reserved by telephone  or email

01205 820014



Twink Addison

Oh Paul - watercolour and gouache  195  11"x10"

Matron was always there- watercolour and gouache  195  10"x10"  SOLD

Poor old thing- watercolour and gouache  150   6"x8"


Andy Ayre


Fishing boats-  oil pastel  625  29"x5"


Phil Bowman


Mistral-  acrylic  160  7"x7"

Towards the Down-  acrylic  260  12"x10"

Night garden-  acrylic  260  19"x15"


Dorothy Burke


Night vista-  acrylic  160  16"x15"

Apple harvest-  acrylic  220  24"x18"

Door to the potting shed-  oil  145  20"x16"


Colan Campbell


My computer from memory-  acrylic  1800   42"x48"


Glass warmed by moonlight-  acrylic  280  27"x27"


Sphere, two crows and cubic fruit-  acrylic  950  31"x36"


Rosi Campbell

Thistle Grove , SW10-  acrylic  325  21"x17"   SOLD

Thistle Grove, SW10-  acrylic  675  40"x31"   SOLD

The statue  ( Herbert Ingram, Boston )-  acrylic  195  18"x15"  SOLD


Mac Gregory

Breezy fenland evening-  oil on panel  1100  18"x44"

Evening  ( Balloon series )-   oil on panel  165  12"x3"

Blue Mountains, Autumn-  pen and acrylic  185  9"x7"


Jenny Hammerton

Memories 1-   mixed media   250  24"x24"

Memories 2-  mixed media  250  24"x24"


Untitled-  mixed media  250  12"x12"


Glynne James

Polythene sunset-  oil  2500  39"x31"

Pale moon rising-   oil  375  15"x11"  SOLD

red heads-  oil  375  15"x11"


Janice Kok

Anderby Wold-  mixed media  280  27"x27"

Seven squared-  acrylic  260  24"x24"

Still life with pink apple-  acrylic  320  24"x24"


Andrzej Kuhn

Hopeful fisherman-  oil   19"x19"  

Autumn day-  oil    24"x20" 

Strange encounter-  oil   25"x22"


Jacky Lee

Changing direction-  oil  1500  51"x41"



Lyn Lovitt

Diver in reeds-  ceramic   195  9" high

Goose in reeds-  ceramic  220  12" high


Coot in reeds-  ceramic  165  10" high

Avril Morris

Yellow roses-  acrylic  300  13"x17"

Girl with a letter-  acrylic  350  15"x19"

Chrysanthemums-   acrylic  200  12"x20"

David Morris

Clown 1-   watercolour  175  9"x9"

Clown 2-  watercolour  175  8"x8"

Lincolnshire landscape-  oil  125  5"x5"


David Sharpe

Seahorse-  mild steel   450  49" high

Peacock-  mild steel  650  38" high

Hummingbird-   mild steel  395  18" high

Jana Siebers


The drift past big red  (1)-   oil on canvas  1200  39"x31"


Water veil  ( movement on water )-  oil  1200  39"x31"


Red moon   diptych-   oil on board  150  each 8"x11"


Mo Teeuw

Hunstanton  (1)-  oil  390  15"x11"

Hunstanton (2)-  oil  390  15"x11"

Norfolk reeds-  oil  290  10"x11"  SOLD

Felicity Wilson


Green jug with garlic cloves-   oil  500  17"x13"

Ridgeway plate-  oil  450  18"x13"  SOLD