Arts Coritani  



Phil Biggs


' Buckets of rain '



Exhibition runs from

October 3rd to October 31st





A scene from the preview.

Phil Biggs, centre,  performing with ' Between the Lines '


An exhibition of watercolour paintings by

Phil Biggs

traditional en plein air artist.


Until Saturday, November 30th.


All sizes are in inches, W x H, and include the frame.


Boston Stump from Holbeach Marsh   26"x20"        250



Honington   18"x15"     180



Wylye Valley Trees  18"x15"    180



Wylye Valley at Codford    25"x19"     250



Lincoln Castle Square   25"x20"  250  SOLD



Glencoe across Loch Leven     27"x21"   250



Holbeach Marsh     34"x27"     450



Above Chitterne, Wiltshire      27"x20"        250



Salisbury Cathedral    25"x19"  250



Heytsbury, Wiltshire    26"x20"     250


Carlton Scroop, Lincolnshire     20"x16"   180



Hogsgate Cottage    13"x11"       110



Boston Stump in snow      24"x17"       220



Horton, Bucks   24"x19"    250



Storms around Stonehenge      25"x19"        250




Brauncewell Church           25"x19"             250



Wylye Valley   19"x16"    180



Lincoln       19"x15"     180 




Barn at Heytsbury    26"x20"    250




Codford, Wiltshire     24"x19"      250




Loch Droma and An Tealac       26"x20"         250




Ullswater    23"x16"       190



Shepton Montague       25"x18"        250




                                                                 Barn at Sherrington           26"x20"               250



The Copse on the Plain           26"x20"               250




The Grande View, Lincoln            34"x27"                  450




Glastonbury        26"x20"          250




Gunthorpe, Norfolk          25"x19"                250



Rippingale    18"x15"     180


Distance purchases may be made by credit card/'phone.

01205 820014

Exhibition closed Sundays and Mondays.