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The Mirror of Earth

An exhibition of photographs by

Hope Green


I am drawn to land, fascinated by the infinitely varied,yet always familiar forms, shades, colors, movements and rhythms of the natural world. These visual exchanges are deeply ingrained in us as human beings as is the drive to find meaning and connection in the things around us. The image of a tree against a rock, a parasitic vine, or an unattainable height so easily slips into symbolic description of our interior life.

The landscapes that I make exist in that intersection between human imagination and earth’s actual appearance.

What attracts me to photography is that the process is dependent on circumstance. A photographic image is the mixture of the delicate mix of time and light and objects drifted across the paper and mingled with the sense that something has stayed to linger from the encounter. Our minds are so tuned to representation, to imagery and metaphor that the resulting illustration seems heavily authentic and reads as a credible witness to events. The photographic image is just a crust of light darkened silver, but it somehow stands as proof of my existence, of the existence of that land, and of the fact that we were together once.

The photographs in this exhibition are all Gelatin Silver Prints and are made by Hope Greene in her darkroom. Each is from a limited edition of 25.  

Image measures 10" x 10", is presented in a white mount and metal frame, overall size 16"w x 17"h and costs £95.






Devil's garden



The cloud






The Greenwood



The Mirror of Earth




Other images will be added soon


To view more of Hope Greene's work, go to her website at www.hopegreene.com